The Mendota Beacon is part of a larger movement

If anyone has info or ideas for further categorization for this article it would be appreciated. The Mendota Beacon is part of a larger movement to provide outlets for conservative views on college campuses across the U.S. I will look for information on the funding/organization behind this movement and add that info here (and possibly create an article for it if need be). We found this article because our web site’s inbound link tracking software referenced it as a referrer and took the opportunity to correct the error, which was no doubt caused by inaccurate reporting by another paper. Please feel free to contact me at if you wish to discuss this any more.

  • I’ve reverted the change made by an anon which removed the mention of The Beacon being affiliated with the college republicans (pending evidence justifying removal). I’m the publisher of The Mendota Beacon; the paper is not affiliated with the College Republicans. An incorrect news article appeared in the Daily Cardinal prior to our formation despite an explicit statement that there was no affiliation.  I will remove the reference to affiliation again.

Written by mendota